Money for Nothing

Because the world cannot continue turning with one less pizza parlor in it, concerned citizens banded together to raise almost $850,000 for Memories Pizza, the poor, beleaguered restaurant whose owners announced they would not cater a same-sex wedding.  They claim they were forced to close the restaurant due to “threats,” and so do-gooders dug deep and provided the owners with enough money to, well, keep the restaurant closed, it turns out.  But surely money spent in the cause of supporting religious freedom is money well spent, no?  What better way to express your devotion to God and his teachings than by supporting some poor restauranteurs who just want the right not to serve gay people?


  • Here’s an Indiegogo campaign to raise $7,500 to assist Christian refugees in Iraq.  Where their biggest worry is possibly being blown up by ISIS rather than having to serve food to gay people.
  • This GoFundMe campaign is about $3,000 short of its $15,000 goal to help a family who lost their house in a fire.  Not “who voluntarily left their house because they may have had to serve gay people dinner in it.”  No, it burned down.
  • Another GoFundMe drive looking for $2,500 a month to feed homeless people.  They’re raised $1,578 in four months.  Memories Pizza could turn around and fund this group for 28 years.  But they’re more concerned about who they’re not feeding.

And that was from about five minutes of browsing on those respective sites.  Now I didn’t do a whole lot of research on those causes to see if they’re legit and if the money will be used for what they say it will.  But I guarantee neither did those who flocked to throw money at Memories Pizza because they saw them on the news.  All I know is I saw dozens of similar campaigns looking for a comparative pittance compared to what Memories Pizza raised.  And for such outlandish goals as feeding people, building houses, caring for the sick, bringing education to children.  You know, all that touchy-feely stuff we actually have Jesus talking about in the Bible.

All the supporters of Memories Pizza did was to pay a pizza parlor not to make pizza.  I hope they’re proud of themselves.  Their god sure isn’t.


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