Lost Weekend

Saturday dawned with such promise.  The day was clear and cool.  I was up early and motivated.  Things would be done!

And then the losing began.

I lost outright.  I thought I’d won, then found out I’d lost.  Then I actually did win, but lost anyway.  Not major battles, mind you, nothing that will go down in the annals of history.  But defeats nonetheless.

My two goals for Saturday both involved me going to Animal Kingdom, and both involved doing favors for Jillian.  First, she needed pictures of the zebra costume from the Festival of the Lion King show.  She’s planning on making one for our Expedition Everest run in May and couldn’t find any good reference photos online.  With the place practically in my backyard, it was no problem for me to go scouting.  Well, except for the traffic and the godawful spring break crowds.  But that’s the magic of FastPass; I was booked for a showtime before I even walked in, and just had to kill some time until then.  Easy enough to do with all the animals out and about since it wasn’t too hot, and before long I was in the show with a decent seat and ready to do my duty.

Except I didn’t realize there was only one person dressed as a zebra in the entire show.  And that I would be seated on the exact opposite side of the theater from where they were spending most of their time.  But cameras can zoom, and so I snapped away, taking picture after picture and silently hoping nothing happened to the girl playing the zebra later that day or else my photo gallery would make me a prime suspect.  I got as many pictures as I could, and feeling victory under my belt, set out on my next mission.

Jillian’s been trying to renew her Disney annual pass online, something in which the website has had very little interest.  it keeps giving her errors, and since she’s been doing the monthly payment plan, she has to renew either online or in person.  Neither of which were happening any time soon, but it expires on April 11 and she needs it renewed by April 14 so she can make early registration for the Disney Marathon Weekend.  But again, I’m right here!  And she just happened to have left her physical pass here with me for just such an emergency.  Off to Guest Relations!

Where the door slammed on me.  They needed her ID.  In person.  No picture would do, I needed her driver’s license.  Which she currently needed five hours away.  I begged and pleaded and coaxed, but no go.  Undeterred, I went to Downtown Disney and tried their Guest Relations.  And behold!  They would accept a photo of her ID!  They’d be happy to renew the pass!  So did I have her credit card?

Tap the brakes.  No, of course I didn’t.  That would be next to her driver’s license five hours away.  Sorry, can’t pull it from the site, can’t take it over the phone, need the actual card.  I could put it on my card, but then she could never switch it to her card, since the transaction would now be in my name.  And while I was perfectly willing to do that and have her pay me back, Jillian admitted defeat and decided she’d just renew it when she was down here in May, and take her chances with the open registration.  I’d (hopefully) earned plenty of boyfriend brownie points for my efforts, but I was currently batting .500.

Then came the instant replay and my win was rescinded.  All the pictures I took were too blurry.  I guess I didn’t need to zoom as closely as I did, but I also blame the zebra for not ignoring her careful choreography and standing still for my purposes.  Some of them weren’t too bad, but they were missing the detail Jillian needed for her purposes.  I was now batting .000 and on the verge of being sent down to the minors.

So Sunday gave me the chance to vent my frustrations by blowing up some little plastic spaceships.  We had an X-Wing tournament at my game store, and I started off like gangbusters, winning my first game by clearing my opponent from the table.  Sure, I lost one of my really expensive ships, but I’d won!  Then I lost in the second round, and lost badly.  I got wiped, and only took out one measly little 16-point ship.  But I bounced back in the third round with a clean sweep, routing my opponent without losing a ship and ending the day a very respectable 2-1.

I finished 4th.

Turns out that poor second round combined with losing my ship in the first round killed my margin of victory.  So much so that I finished behind someone I’d beaten.  I still ended up with some decent swag, and of course I had fun playing the game, but I was really hoping to salvage the weekend with a better showing, and there I was 0-3.

Needless to say I didn’t buy any lottery tickets on the way home.


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