The Waiting

I have a 5K today.  But instead of taking place early in the morning like most of these do, it’s at 6:00 PM.  It’s a weird adjustment; usually it’s wake up, throw on the running gear and dash out the door.  But the venue is a little over a mile from me, so there’s not even that much of a rush.  It’s the laziest 5K I’ve ever done (not that I’ve done a ton of them).

So I’ve been puttering around the apartment all day.  I didn’t want to go anywhere and run the risk of not getting back on time.  Instead, I’ve been doing laundry.  Lots of laundry.  Everything I own is now clean.  Until it gets dirty again.  And every sock matched, so there’s a victory.  Plus, one of the local over-the-air stations has been running all the American-International Edgar Rice Burroughs adaptations, so watching plodding, slow-moving things all day has definitely been an inspiration.

But it still feels odd knowing I’ve got to head out of here in about half an hour to run for another half hour then come back here.  It’ll be after 7:00 by then, but given my past experiences, it’ll feel like the day is just starting.  I’m not worried about the distance; really, the only things giving me pause are my lingering cold and the 80-degree weather.  But I need to get over the weirdness; come November, I’m going to be doing a half marathon in the middle of the night, and that’s absolutely the wrong event at which to feel weird.

As for this race, I feel pretty good about it.  I haven’t been on a regular run/walk schedule lately, but I did two miles on Thursday and did a straight walk last night and didn’t feel too bad, so I should be all right.  Provided I don’t mix up my AMs and PMs, that is.  It’s a fairly flat course through the local community college, and from the bib numbers I saw, it shouldn’t be too crowded.

Then I’ll come home, wash up, and get some breakfast.  I mean dinner.  Dammit.


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