What Time Was It Right Now?

I’ve been getting stuff done tonight, figuring I had plenty of time to get a blog out, and I look up and see it’s after 11:00. I swear it was only 9:00 ten minutes ago.

I could blame my own planning skills, but instead I’ll lay the blame on my old temporal nemesis, Run-DST. I did fine yesterday, but today? All kinds of out of it. The darkness outside when I woke up that lasted too long. The day dragging on. The lingering sunlight. It let me get out and get a run/walk in after work, but it was still so bright, it didn’t feel like the day should be winding down. And now here I am racing towards midnight and it feels like prime time has barely started.

I do like the fact that the longer days allow me to get some exercise in after work.  I’ve been inordinately lazy most mornings lately, and having some extra time at day’s end is a good motivator to get out and moving.  I’m doing a half marathon in eight months, and that ain’t gonna happen with me sitting around.  I got out and did a practice 10K on Saturday, and it wasn’t terrible.  Of course, that’s about half the ultimate distance, but it’s got to start somewhere.

So I’ve got daylight to burn, and I know I’ll eventually get used to the time change.  Probably right around the time we fall back.  And then I’ll complain about this all over again.


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