The Absent-Minded Confessor

Two out of the last four days, I’ve just straight up forgotten to write something here. It wasn’t a matter of wracking my brain to think of a topic for a post and coming up empty; it was being in bed, just starting to drift off to sleep, and realizing I hadn’t done a blog entry.

It’s not a rut, and it’s not a lack of motivation.  It’s just the task getting pushed back in my head by other things until it’s too late.  Damn near happened tonight too, except I kept reminding myself all the way home from game night so I’d sit down and pound this out before I go to bed.  Aren’t you all lucky?

Along with some other patterns I’ve noticed, it’s got me wondering if maybe it’s time to get checked for ADHD.  Well, maybe not checked, I’m pretty sure I have some form of it; maybe it’s time to get something done about it.  Because I find myself getting frustrated with books way too quickly.  I sit here surrounded by entertainment options and find myself bored.  I run through the same five or six websites over and over again.  I can focus on things, but a lot of times at the expense of something else I meant to do.

I don’t feel out of control.  Just not as in control as I would like.  I’m going to try to enforce a little self-discipline first.  If I can stick with that, fine.  If not, it may be time to burden my doctor with yet another problem.  Provided I can remember to make the appointment.


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