To Our Northern Friends

We understand that our low tonight is probably higher than your high was today.

We understand that while it might be cold, we’re not dealing with snow, and so can simply wake up, bundle up, and go about our business, without all that pesky shoveling and such.

We understand that you’re right to hate us for looking at a forecast that puts us in the 70s by the weekend.

But please, this is as close to winter as we actually get down here.  We didn’t have a cold Thanksgiving.  We didn’t have a cold Christmas.  Let us have this.  Please.  It’s all we’ve got.

Let us wear our coats and sweaters all at once, even if it’s just for a day or two.  We promise we won’t complain about the heat come summer.  Honest.  Maybe a gripe or two about the odd hurricane, but that’s it.

I mean, it’s 41 degrees out right now.  Let us have our winter.

Thank you.


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