Playing the Long Game

I’ll go into more detail tomorrow when I’m more awake and less pressed for time, but I’ve just spent the last eleven hours or so playing two board games; three plays of one game in a tournament and one play of a much longer game that we called halfway through after about four hours.

It’s funny how quickly time can slip by when you’re lost in these little cardboard worlds.  I guess some credit should go to the games themselves, even the second one which, while I was playing it, I’ll admit was chafing me a little, but which I still want to give another go because I think I’m naggingly close to getting it.  You don’t do something you don’t like for four hours.  Unless it’s your job.

I’m not sure what exactly the appeal is about these marathon games.  Gamers talk in reverent awe about epic sessions of Twilight Imperium or Advanced Squad Leader, and tales of months-long war games taking in place in dusty basements and crowded game rooms are the stuff of legend.  Maybe it’s the immersion, maybe it’s wanting as much of a good thing as we can get, but there’s nothing quite like sitting down at the table knowing you’re about to commit the next three or four hours of your life to this one thing.  And to the people you’re sitting down with.

And that’s probably the main thing.  It’s a few hours with people you like.  It’s a party you can win.  And have fun with even if you don’t.

Wrapping after eleven doesn’t need to be a regular thing though, no matter how much I like you people.


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