We Get It

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday.  Millions of people, some interested in the game, some interested in the commercials, some interested in the party, are going to sit in front of TV screens for a few hours to have a good time.  In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll be one of them.  There’ll also be large numbers of people who simply do not care.  This is an acceptable position, and nothing of which to be ashamed.  But it’s to that last group that I wish to direct some personal comments on this Super Bowl eve.

We get it.

We know you don’t like or care about football.  We know you’re tired of the hype around what usually amounts to a very one-sided game.  We know you bristle at the crash commercialism on display.  So how about we just take your objections as noted and you spare us the hand-wringing social media comments tomorrow, okay?

Because that “Hey, I hear there’s some kind of sportsball game on TV today” post you’re getting ready to type?  It was old 11 years ago when someone undoubtedly posted it to Facebook for the first time shortly before that Super Bowl.  No one getting ready to watch the game is going to read it and re-think their priorities.  All it’s going to come across as is an attempt to have everyone look at you for the daring iconoclast you are.  You and the few thousand other people who will undoubtedly post the same thing, all warm in the thought that they’re the only ones doing it.

Don’t want to see a bunch of posts about scores and commercials?  Stay off Facebook and Twitter for a while.  Go outside.  Go read a book.  Go see a movie.  Go do something else as opposed to writing about how we should be doing something else.  We’ll all be happier.

And yes, I do see the hypocrisy in me taking the time to write a post telling people it’s a waste of time to write a post telling people what to do.  You’re perfectly free to write a Facebook post about that.


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