Between four flights and two theme parks full of strangers, chances were good I was going to catch some kind of cold last week.  I just didn’t think a bunch of ignorant idiots would make it possible that the measles could be a contender.

Not that I got the measles.  It’s just a garden variety cold with all kinds of sinus fun.  But the fact that the measles were even a possibility, it’s like telling us to watch out for Confederate patrols while we were laid over in Atlanta.  It just shouldn’t happen anymore.

But no, people figured a former Playboy centerfold was a more valid source of medical information than, oh, actual doctors, and decided bringing back a disease we’d pretty much wiped out was a perfectly reasonable price to pay for avoiding the non-existent chance of their kid getting autism from needle.

I suppose they’ll tell me I need a good leeching to get my humors back in order and I should be a-okay.  If they can wrap their heads around the idea I actually flew without using witchcraft, that is.


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