Back Again

I’m still in a bit of a post-West Coast fog — thanks in no small part to a late arrival Monday evening and an early rise Tuesday morning to get Jillian to her bus back up north — so this is just going to be a brief check-in before I slump down and then lay wide awake thinking it’s only 4 in the afternoon…

It was a whirlwind week of much walking, much Disney, much Star Wars and much food.  All of which led to two tired but happy people winging their way back eastward.  The parks were fun, despite some disappointments (Matterhorn was closed, long lines for some other things), and Jillian finished all of her races and earned her Rebel Challenge medal, even if every joint in her body hated her afterward.

I’ll offer more details when I’m more coherent.  Suffice to say I survived my longest flight ever, Jillian didn’t try to strangle me in my sleep at any point (that I know of), and no hospitals were involved.  A successful trip all around.


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