Board Minutes for 1/4/15


One thing that didn’t stop while this blog did was my gaming habit.  I spent most of Fourth of July weekend last year at Dice Tower Con, which was five days of gaming with the people I usually gaming with, only having paid for the privilege of doing so.  Okay, there was more to it than that, like trying out some new games and meeting new people, but the gist of it was that I spent over sixty hours during summer in Florida holed up in a hotel ballroom in sub-Arctic air conditioning playing board games.  That’s on top of what turned into a Tuesday-Thursday-Sunday weekly schedule with every other Wednesday thrown in for good measure.  It’s good to have a routine.

Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game — Sundays are our usual X-Wing days, although things did slow down a bit thanks to football season and the holidays.  But both of those are pretty much behind us now, so things should start picking up again.  We’ve had a couple of rounds of new ships released since I last posted, and the game is only getting better and better.  Fantasy Flight Games has shown a remarkable ability to recognize when certain ships and builds are becoming dominant and address that with new ships and upgrades that don’t simply feel like band-aids.  They also recently announced an expansion that’s going to fix some issues with one of the original ships in the game — the TIE Advanced (aka Vader’s ship from Star Wars) — that most players felt was weak and not worth using.  As much as I’ve sunk into this game over the last two years, it’s good to see FFG taking the time and effort to keep it vital and interesting.  Even if their damn dice do seem to hate me.

Doomtown: Reloaded — We’ve added this newcomer to our Sundays as well.  The original Doomtown was a collectible card game back in the white-hot days of Magic: The Gathering when you couldn’t step into a game shop without tripping over a new CCG.  Based on the Deadlands role-playing game, Doomtown used a poker-based mechanic to tell the story of various factions vying for control of the seemingly doomed town — get it, huh? — of Gomorra, where mad scientists and magicians battled cowboys and demons and eventually blew the whole town to pieces (i.e. the game wound down and went out of print).  Doomtown: Reloaded brings the game back to life using FFG’s living card game model, which entails set distribution of new cards rather than having to open endless booster packs hoping to get those awesome rare cards  My friends and I were huge fans of the original game, so we jumped all over this new one, and it’s every bit as good as our old favorite.  Today saw an epic three-way match between my Fourth Ring deck (think creepy evil clowns from Hell) versus the Law Dogs (the sheriff and the rest of the good guys) and the Morgan Cattle Company.  Lots of back and forth, near victories and narrow defeats.  I ended up winning, but it turns out I screwed up a rule and probably should have lost and lost badly.  Then again, the game does encourage cheating, so maybe I was just getting in the spirit of things (for the record, I applied a rule to one thing that actually only applies to another thing, that swung several gunfights in my favor).

Of course, this means yet another game that has its hooks into me for more purchases beyond the base game.  This stuff better be edible somewhere down the line.


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