Weighty Matters

A lot has happened in the world since I began my hiatus back in May, enough to fill a couple dozen blog posts.  But I know there’s one thing you’ve all been dying to hear more about over these many months, a question left unanswered for far too long:

“So when is he going to post more about his weight?”

Wonder no more, gentle readers, because your long dark night is over.

My last update was in late April, which saw me hovering at 180 and feeling pretty okay with it.  Wanting to do better, but not panicking.  I was still looking at 60 pounds lost, which was absolutely nothing to sneeze at.

But I got myself back on the horse and got out of the rut I’d been in, and eventually things started ticking downward again.  I got below 180.  Then below 175.  I could actually fit into a pair of size 32 pants, although it wasn’t something I’d want to do for an extended period of time.

And then, in early November, I got on the scale and the needle didn’t pass 170.  I was at 169.  71 pounds gone since I’d started back in 2012.  I may have hopped up and down on the scale a little bit.

Since then, thanks mostly to the holidays, I’ve fluctuated between 170 and 173.  I’ve eased up a little on the calorie counting, letting myself go a couple of hundred over now and then, but gone are the days of massive binges.  In fact, over Christmas I indulged in some food from TGI Fridays, and my body damn near took me out to the wood shed and beat the crap out of me over it.  I wasn’t sick, but I just didn’t feel right.  Meals like that used to be the unhealthy staple of my diet.  Now I could barely do it once.  That’s the real progress.

Topping it all off, in December, I actually ran a 5K.  Okay, I half ran, half walked it, doing two-minute intervals, but I did the whole damn thing, and at a pace a little over 12 minutes per mile.  And felt pretty good afterwards.  Which is fortunate, since I’m doing another one in about ten days when Jillian and I head out to Disneyland for the Star Wars race weekend.

And who’s Jillian?  She’s some weight I don’t mind having gained.  But that’s another post.


One thought on “Weighty Matters

  1. Yah! 5K is great. Congrats and enjoy the next 5K!

    My favorite running distance is about 8 miles (13k). Anything more than that and my (heavy) body protests. But I’m glad, in my lifetime, I have accomplished a half-marathon. However, I did that when I was in much better shape. Your post has made me want to do it again. Which means I have to lose weight too! Thanks for the boost. 🙂

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