In With the New

I’m in the midst of the annual football lifeline the NFL throws its fans known as the draft, so this’ll be a quick post.

When Johnny Manziel got past the #5 spot, I started to think maybe there was a chance the Bucs would take him.  And he was there when our pick came up.  Which might be why I was initially a little let down by the Mike Evans pick.  But all it took was seeing Evans overcome by emotion at being picked to get me on his side.  Besides, we’ve jettisoned nearly every receiver worth even the smallest of damns from the roster, so wide receiver was definitely a priority.  It’s a deep draft for the position, so maybe we could have waited and still gotten a good player, but if Evans was the guy they wanted, I can’t complain about taking him when they had the chance.

I still wish we were rolling right into Rounds 2 and 3, but then I remember it’s a Thursday night and we have two more days of this.  But at least it’s finally here!  Back to the glorified picking of sides!


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