What I’d Watch 4/25/14

This is the last relatively quiet weekend for a while.  Next week we’re into May and the gloves come off, so if you’re going to try to sneak something in for some quick box office, now’s the time to do it.  You’ve still got Winter Soldier and Rio 2 out there, but they’re in their fourth and third weeks respectively, so there’s definitely a window here to make a strike.  I just wonder if any of the new releases are going to be the film to do it.

brickmansions_posterI doubt it’s going to be Brick Mansions, however, because I can’t tell you anything about this movie that I didn’t just learn from looking it up on Wikipedia.  It is Paul Walker’s final film role, but unless it has Fast and Furious in the title, I don’t think he’s selling any tickets, tragic death or no.  From what I can see, this movie seems to have a lot of running and jumping and parkour-type mayhem, which strikes me as going to that well about five or six years too late.  The plot sounds like a riff on Escape from New York, only with Detroit locked up behind the wall instead of the Big Apple.  It does have Luc Besson as producer and writer going for it, which is a plus for some people, but Besson throws his name on so much stuff these days, it’s hard to tell what he’s really involved in and what he’s just nodding and handing money to.  What I can tell is that I won’t be handing money over to this one.

quietones_posterThe Quiet Ones is yet another “Based on a true story!” horror film, which makes me wonder how our planet isn’t simply overrun with ghosts and malevolent spirits, what for all the supposedly true horror movies that have come along.  The truth is probably that yes, someone saw something weird once somewhere mentioned in this film, and that’s where the connection to reality ends.  This is a British horror film coming from the venerable Hammer Studios, so I’m inclined to be a little more interested than if this was yet another Paranormal Activity wannabe.  But it didn’t make that big a splash in its native country, coming in 5th behind a boat load of older releases and dropping to 1oth in its second week.  A face not even a mother could love, apparently.  But it’s horror, so it’s got a chance.  Just nothing I’d hold my breath over.

otherwoman14_posterThe likely winner by default then is probably going to be The Other Woman.  It’s a romantic comedy coming into a market that’s been dominated by male- and kid-oriented fare of late, so there’s likely an audience that’s been waiting for something like it.  It doesn’t exactly have the hottest of names headlining it; Cameron Diaz hasn’t really done much outside the Shrek franchise for the last ten years, aside from a respectable $100 million-plus for Bad Teacher.  Leslie Mann only really hits when she’s part of husband Judd Apatow’s ensembles, and Kate Upton is very pretty.  Still, like I said, it’s filling a niche that’s been a little neglected as of late, and most pundits are picking it to finally knock Captain America from the top spot.  Of course, there’s another guy in tights on deck next weekend, so Cameron and company had better enjoy the view while they can.



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