The Hermit Urge

Yesterday, the plan was to get in a good walk, go to an early showing of Under the Skin, grab some lunch, and stop by my friendly neighborhood used book store.

What actually happened was me on various pieces of furniture in my apartment watching television and playing The Elder Scrolls Online until about 2 in the morning.

Well, to be fair, I did get the walk in, and I did have lunch, but everything else flew out the window.  First, I got back from my walk a little too late to shower and make the original movie time I’d planned.  So I pushed that back, and figured I’d switch some things around.  But then I got caught up in watching the end of When the Lion Roared on Turner Classic Movies, and that started the death spiral.  I fell asleep at one point, and by then was so gosh darn comfortable I didn’t want to leave the house, and that was that.

I didn’t feel too bad about abandoning my plans.  Sometimes all the drive and energy in the world can’t overcome the lure of convenient entertainment being beamed directly into your home, without the need to reveal yourself to the public.  I even summoned food to my door, and it was brought with much haste.  It’s perfectly all right to give into the hermit urge every once in a while.  Just as long as you’re not entering Howard Hughes territory.  Although I’d need a lot more money before I reach that.

You’ll be relieved to know I did leave the house today though.  Actually spent time around other people.  I just made sure to keep the TV off this morning just in case.


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