Every Person Comes Out Tired

One of the best benefits of all this weight loss has been the effect its had on my feet.  I was born with flat feet.  Absolutely no arches whatsoever.  And for the longest time, that meant any concerted walking was going to result in a whole lot of pain in my feet.  So spending time in a theme park was usually a mixed blessing:  a lot of fun mixed with the certainty of aching feet at some point during the day.

Now though, without an extra sixty pounds to tote around, my feet are doing great.  Today saw me do two full laps around EPCOT — a damn big theme park — with nary a peep out of them except for a very normal and expected bit of tiredness.  And that was with a six and a half mile walk this morning to make up for the eating and drinking I knew I was going to do later.  Now I’ll probably feel all of that activity come tomorrow morning, but my feet didn’t start screaming at me halfway through the day like they used to.  Which made for a happy Richard.  And a happy group accompanying him, since they didn’t have to listen to me complain about my feet every twenty minutes or so.

And I needed every bit of that walking I did, because, well, I misbehaved.  A lot.  EPCOT pretty much tempts you every step of the way with some kind of enticing foreign delicacy.  It’s basically a big restaurant that has some rides thrown in between courses.  Drinking around the World Showcase lagoon is a popular pastime, and it’s long had the reputation as “the drunk park” at Walt Disney World, since for so long it was the only park where you could buy alcohol.  And as I mentioned, it’s big, real big, leading to the alternate meaning of its initials as used in the title of this particular post.  When I was kid, though, it was just the boring park, since it didn’t have the childlike charms of the Magic Kingdom.  As an adult, well, it’s usually less crowded and it has beer.  Two large selling points.

So access to booze and feet that didn’t hurt.  That’s a good day all around, even if we all did come out tired.


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