Up to My Old Tricks

After I posted my blog about the start of shooting on the new Star Wars film, something nagged at me.  It wasn’t the quality of the writing or the length of the piece.  It wasn’t that I was once again talking about Star Wars.  No, it was that the title felt oddly familiar.  It never occurred to me after I picked it or as I was writing; it seemed rather appropriate, given the subject matter, although I did mentally beat myself up for getting the quote wrong (it’s “great,” not “grave”).  Only after the post was released out into the wild and promoted on Facebook and Twitter did it start to dawn on me that I’d possibly used the title for a post already.

I pride myself on trying to be original with my post titles.  Aside from continuing series like What I’d Watch and the like, I want each post to have its own individual identity.  So I try really hard not to repeat any titles; otherwise, I might as well just use the day’s date on each one and be done with it.  So, with much trepidation, I went to my blog’s dashboard to check and see if I’d used “A Great/Grave Disturbance” another time previously, and saw that I was mistaken.

I’d actually used it twice before.

The first time was August 13, 2010, in a post regarding the upcoming Star Wars Celebration and some of my worries about the overly commercial nature of it.  Good fit of title and subject.  Should have remembered that one.  Apparently I didn’t, because I used it again on October 30, 2012, when the news of Disney buying Lucasfilm hit the web.  Again, perfect title for the post.  Again, should have remembered.  I guess the statute of limitations on my memory is about two years.  Sorry if I forget anything important that happened two Marches ago.

I know this shouldn’t bother me.  Two years between instances isn’t nearly close enough to be considered gross negligence on my part.  And this blog doesn’t have nearly the number of followers that would assure some eagle-eyed busybody would immediately leap on my repetition as some kind of sign that the blog had jumped the shark.  Like it probably has so many times the shark must have whiplash watching it go overhead by now.  But like I said, it’s a pride thing.  And even with two years in between, it bugs me, the blog equivalent of the pea under the stack of mattresses, and me as the pretty pretty princess and let’s change the subject, shall we?

I know I could go back and edit the title, but it’s already been cross-posted to my social media.  It’s out there.  I’m just going to have to live with the ignominy of being a talentless hack every twenty-four months or so.  On the bright side, I did manage to get a blog post out of it, so it wasn’t a total loss.

See you all in two years.


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