On the Job

Yet another year of employment has passed, and with its passing comes the usual certainty I’m going to be told nobody’s happy with how I’m doing my job, only to find out I’m doing more than all right and hey, here’s some more money while we’re at it.

I have this nagging bit of hypocrisy where I’m certain I’m absolutely killing it until it comes time for someone to actually tell me so.  Then I get filled with doubt and uncertainty.  Maybe I’m just setting myself up so I can be surprised when that doesn’t happen.  Hope for the best, expect the worst, so to speak.  Well, the worst didn’t happen, so I can safely go back to my cubicle and keep doing the job I’ll know is good until the half hour or so before my next review rolls around.

I’ve been with Universal for 21 years, although not continuously.  I had a nine-year stint after which I thought I was gone forever into the world of grown-up jobs.  Two years later that grown-up job acted very irresponsibly and laid me off, and it was back to Universal for the last twelve years.  It’s a little daunting to think about being in place for that long.  Aside from my family and some of my oldest friends, it’s been the biggest constant in my life.  I’ve seen it go from a relatively little theme park to a sprawling resort.  I’ve worked at rides that don’t exist anymore, watched the children of co-workers start working there, and had the place go through owners from four different countries.  But it’s still there, and I’m still there, and both will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

Until my next review.  Then I’m pretty sure they’ll finally fire me.


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