What I’d Watch 1/31/14

If you’re not a football fan, this might be an excellent time to start.  You’ve got the sport’s biggest game, with arguably two of its highest profile teams, and the possibility of the game taking place in a blizzard.  Plus you’ve got Puppy Bowls and Kitten Bowl and who knows what other kinds of cute animals shoved in a bowl if the actual game isn’t your fancy.  Compared to all that, there really isn’t anything to get your butt into a theater this weekend.

areweofficiallydating_posterI mean, how enticing a title is That Awkward Moment?  First of all, it sounds like the film is actually apologizing for its existence.  Or at the very least, acknowledging that it’s interrupting your weekend.  Add to that the fact that it’s trading on one of the most overused internet memes around right now, and nothing about this seems very appealing.  Apparently, this script made the 2010 Hollywood Black List of best unproduced screenplays, but early reviews are indicating it was unproduced for a reason.  So instead, lets just talk about how much fun it is to say co-star Imogen Poots’ last name.  Poots.  Pooooots.  You’re saying it along with me, aren’t you?  You can’t help it.  Pooooooooooots.  Okay, now this blurb has become awkward.  Inadvertent viral marketing.

laborday_posterThen there’s Labor Day, which, when I first heard of it, thought they’d finally run out of good holidays on which to set all-star ensemble romantic comedies.  And that someone at Paramount doesn’t know how to read a calendar.  But this is actually a drama from Jason Reitman, who’s done solid work in the past, most recently Young Adult.  Looking over the plot for this though, it comes across as something Nicholas Sparks might have decided to give a pass to.  I’m sure Reitman’s name didn’t hurt in pulling actors like Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin on board, and he’s proven himself before, but I just don’t feel much enthusiasm for this one.  For someone who’s done such interesting work, Labor Day feels so … ordinary.

As for the big game, I’ll probably go into more detail tomorrow, but right now, I’m leaning towards the Broncos.  Although there’s this beagle in the Puppy Bowl that could pull off the upset…


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