What I’d Watch 1/24/14

ifrankenstein_posterIt’s pretty appropriate that the sole wide release this weekend would be the egotistically titled I, Frankenstein.  You’re crying out for attention?  Well, congratulations.  You’ve got the stage all to yourself.  But if the early reviews putting this at 0% on Rotten Tomatoes are any indication, it’s not going to get the kind of attention its creators were hoping for.  Proudly proclaiming, “From the producers of Underworld” will probably get some fans of that series to check this out, but it also underlines the fact that this basically looks like an Underworld movie with demons and gargoyles replacing vampires and werewolves.  And serves as a reminder that Underworld didn’t do what it did all that well itself, despite managing to stretch the concept out into four movies.  Thing is, I, Frankenstein has very nearly veered into the “So bad I almost have to see it” category for me.  Whether it’s veered me into paying theater price territory as opposed to Redbox impulse rent remains to be seen.

Most likely, though, I’ll be using this weekend to catch up on some of the Oscar nominees.  Nebraska and Dallas Buyers Club are getting wider releases today, and Her and 12 Years a Slave are still kicking around.  Plus, Inside Llewyn Davis has been held over at our local art house, and that may be my last chance to see that until home video.  Meanwhile, AMC is doing their annual Best Picture showcase in February, which has honestly become kind of chore since the Academy expanded the field.  They’re splitting it up over two days, and of course, each day features films I’ve already seen, so I don’t think that’s going to be an option.  There’s also going to be a one-day marathon which I absolutely cannot fathom sitting through (although I could probably grab a good power nab during The Wolf of Wall Street).  Seeing that many films in a row seems like a poor way to experience them anyway.  I did a similar thing back in 2002 when I saw Chicago, About Schmidt, Adaptation and Gangs of New York back to back, and all of them just sort of washed together, leaving less of an impression than if I’d watched them individually.  Besides, I’m not required to see everything before the ceremony.  It would just be nice to have that under my belt.

Oh.  Sorry.  I, Frankenstein is stamping its feet asking me to look at it again.


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