What I’d Watch 1/3/14

It’s probably a good thing there’s only one wide release hitting theaters today.  As if the weekend after the holiday crush wasn’t going to be dead enough as it is, most of the northern part of the country is making like Hoth.  How bad is it going to be?  Even Green Bay Packers fans are staying home; the team had been having trouble selling tickets to its playoff game Sunday afternoon, when temperatures are expected to hit -3.  So it’s understandable if people aren’t exactly going to be in a movie-going mood.

paranormalactivity5_posterAnd it’s not as though they’re being offered any great enticement.  Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones is the fifth Paranormal Activity film in as many years, with a sixth one on the way later this year.  Although this newest film is apparently a spin-0ff and not part of the series proper.  Great.  It’s spawning.  Of course, what have I said about low-budget horror films and opening weekend?  Yep, this had a budget of all of $5 million.  It should be able to make that back by the time I finish writing this, new ice age or not.  Whether it can muscle its way to the top over the holiday holdovers, including the surprisingly resilient Desolation of Smaug and the amazingly durable Frozen remains to be seen, but with limited competition and Snowpocalypse 2014 upon us, it could very well surprise.  It’ll be warmer than sitting in a football stadium, at the very least.


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