Top Ten Numbers Used in Top Ten of 2013 Lists of 2013 List

We’ve seen so many great numbers used in this year’s Top Ten lists.  It’s been a real banner year for Base 10, a trend that shows no signs of abating any time soon.  Paring this down to a mere ten entries has been a herculean task, and honorable mention has to be given to such worthy omissions as 11, 21, and the widely misunderstood but daring 69.  In the end though, these ten numbers made the biggest splash on Top Ten lists this year, and will forever be a part of 2013.

#10     4 — Too many straight lines and angles for me to truly embrace it, but I have to admire the outside-the-box thinking.

#9        2 — A solid foundation, even if things don’t quite come full circle in the end.

#8        9 — A little top-heavy and eager to make its point, but well-rounded enough overall to earn a stop in the top ten.

#7        6 — I’m honestly not sure if this isn’t just 9 upside down.

#6        3 — An engaging if uneven finale to what started off as a promising trilogy.

#5        10 — It raised questions of bloat and pretentiousness in some circles, but without that extra digit,  this number is next to nothing.

#4        8 — Goes around and around somewhat without much of a point, but just so good-natured and likeable.

#3        7 — Succeeds where 4 fails due to its elegant simplicity and acute focus.

#2        5 — A prime example of numerical excellence.

#1        1 — How could anything else be first?


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