Time Off for Good Behavior

I am now blissfully free of work-related responsibility for the next nine days.  I half expected a deluge of things to do right around 4:59 PM, what with it being the last full week of the year.  But fortunately I was able to make my escape without a Scrooge-like interference.  Which, had it happened, would have been a couple of days late and totally out of keeping with the story.

The other assistants I work with chose to take this week off.  Having to work wasn’t so bad; we get Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off, so really, the worst part of this week was the seeming pointlessness of Monday, Thursday and Friday.  Besides, my co-workers all have immediate family in town.  One of them just had a baby a few months ago.  It just didn’t seem right to fight for three extra days off this week at the cost of making someone have to be away from their kids.  It would have been nice, but five days off around New Year’s Day works just as well for me as five days off around Christmas.

I’ve always been that way.  When I worked out on the front lines, I always volunteered to work Thanksgiving and Christmas, with the understanding I would open on New Year’s Eve and have New Year’s Day off.  Not only was it much easier to get off, it not only was it a nice thing to do for those with families, it allowed me to indulge in as many bowl games as I possibly could.  And out of the three holidays, New Year’s Eve is the most acutely hellish in a theme park.  One year I did work it, we started handing out noisemakers to guests around 6:00 PM.  I swear those people didn’t stop blowing on them until about 2:00 AM or so.  Avoiding that was worth working a couple of Thanksgivings and Christmases.

As for what I plan to do with myself these next nine days, I’d like to try to catch up on my movie watching.  I’m about 30 movies behind my pace from last year — mostly thanks to my re-watch of The West Wing earlier this year — and while I don’t think I’ll be able to catch up, there’s enough new stuff in theaters and accumulating in my Netflix queue for me to make a run at it.  I’ve also got a couple of game days planned, as has become the usual for any holiday, and more than enough books staring at me accusingly from my shelves.

But mostly, I’ll be not working.  It’ll be a nice break.  During which enough work to keep me busy until next New Year’s will pile up in my inbox.  Nothing makes you realize how appreciated you are at your job like not being there doing it.


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