Blaze of Gory

I had to brag.  I had to talk up my fantasy team, boast about making the playoffs, bring up the possibility of winning the championship, allow the tiniest inkling of wanting to play again next year creep into my brain.  I should have seen it coming.

I lost 123-65.  And it wasn’t even that close.  If not for 27 points from LeSean McCoy last night, I wouldn’t have even broke 50.  Everybody else on my team couldn’t even manage double digits.  It was so bad that I could have played my entire roster — starters and bench players — and I still would have lost by 28.  I felt bad for the team I beat to get here, because at least they would have made a game of it.

So agreeing to the 50-50 split of the pot is looking really smart right now.  Which feels like the only smart thing I’ve done this season.


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