The Fat Lady Sings

This may be  a little premature.  I still have at least one week of fantasy football left, although one game is completely meaningless, since it’s the last game of the season and I have no shot at the playoffs even if I win.  And I’m in the playoffs in my other league, so this could be the beginning of a glorious run.  But it will also be the final run.  After this season, I’m putting away the spreadsheets and mock drafts and projections, and limiting my fantasy football to imagining the Buccaneers are a competent franchise.

I’ve talked about the frustration of doing what everyone says is right, only to have it blow up in my face.  I’ve talked about how it diminishes the ability to just enjoy a game when you’re screaming about why this guy isn’t running the ball or why that guy is.  And those are all valid reasons.  But really, when it comes down to it, the real reason is that I’m simply not very good at it.  And I don’t feel the desire to put in the work to become good at it.  Not anymore.  I’ve been at drafts with guys who walked in with nothing but a blank piece of paper and a pencil, yet knew who was on what team and where they were valued without blinking.  And they’d always manage to put together these powerhouse teams.  Meanwhile, I’d compile pre-season rankings and projected scores and average everything together, and still end up at .500 time and time again.

Plus, when I first started playing, it was with people I was good friends with.  Our drafts were just as much occasions to reunite and be social as they were to assemble a football team.  But then one moved away, another passed away, and that league sort of fell by the wayside.  Not that the leagues I’m in now are filled with awful people or anything, but they don’t seem to have that same sense of friendly rivalry that old league did.

So I’ll ride out this last go-round, and maybe even go out on top for once.  I’ve been playing fantasy football for over ten years, and while I regret nothing except perhaps the money I spent on it, I feel comfortable letting go.  I just feel bad for all the easy wins I’ll be depriving my fellow players of next season.


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