What I’d Watch 11/22

I’m telling myself that the next two weekends and the Thanksgiving holiday are all I need for some massive NaNoWriMo catching up, but I’m not sure my optimism will survive reality.  Not with all the Doctor Who shenanigans going on tomorrow.  Yep, most everyone else in the country will likely be out this weekend propelling Catching Fire to a record opening, but I’ll be home waiting for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special.  I know, I’m a bad movie-goer, and not much of a patriot at that.

deliveryman_posterBut there’ll be worse movie-goers out there.  They’ll be the ones going to see Delivery Man, the latest attempt to remind us that we once kind of liked Vince Vaughn.  Although from some of the commercials I’ve seen lately, you couldn’t be blamed for thinking Chris Pratt is the star of this.  He does have more heat than Vaughn right now, if we’re being completely honest, between Parks and Recreation and the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy.  Vaughn, meanwhile, has been desperately trying to recreate Wedding Crashers for eight years now and still not having much success.  I don’t know if people have gotten tired of him playing essentially the same character over and over again, or if he’s simply not playing that character with any enthusiasm anymore, but I doubt this film is going to make anybody see the light.

catchingfire_posterBesides, Delivery Man is going to get absolutely clobbered by Catching Fire.  It made $25 million in late night showings yesterday, and there’s no reason to expect anything but a monster opening weekend.  The positive reviews keep coming in, but I remember hearing good things about The Hunger Games and ultimately being disappointed.  The central conceit of the whole thing just doesn’t hold up for me, and I never really felt involved in the fate of the competitors on the first film. Still, this may be a case where the pop cultural momentum drags me kicking and screaming into a theater to see this.  And it will have absolutely nothing to do with Jennifer Lawrence’s wardrobe. Honest.  Although it will be kind of weird to have two genre films in release — this and Thor: The Dark World — boasting Academy Award winning actresses in major roles.  Maybe genre isn’t all that genre anymore.



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