What I’d Watch 11/15/13

I guess Hollywood knows I’m behind with NaNoWriMo and decided not to release a whole lot this week.  Okay, maybe it has more to do with the fact that you had Thor: The Dark World last weekend and Catching Fire next weekend, so you probably weren’t going to see a huge release today.  Even a big opening would get overwhelmed by the likely record bow from the Hunger Games sequel.  But there’s still a window for some smart counter-programming, like when Notting Hill debuted the same week as The Phantom Menace and provided a safe haven for people with no interest in Star Wars.

bestman2_posterSo while I may not be all that excited about The Best Man Holiday, I’m not exactly the target audience.  Then again, considering this is a sequel to a film that came out in 1999, I have to wonder who’s exactly been clamoring for this.  The Best Man made a nice profit, but 14 years seems like a little long to wait to recapture that magic.  The new film does manage to gather together the original cast, and it’s got a holiday theme that’ll make it play well at this time of year. Plus it’s a film with a predominantly African-American cast and crew that has nothing to do with Tyler Perry.  That’s progress, folks.  Of course, the real progress would be not having to make the distinction of “African-American cast and crew,” but one thing at a time.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to muster some excitement for Catching Fire, but my lukewarm reaction to The Hunger Games is keeping that from happening.  I’ve seen some very enthusiastic reviews, but I’m afraid it’s going to take more than that to get me out for this one.  I hope Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t take it personally.


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