What I’d Watch 10/25/13

You can probably gauge my enthusiasm for this week’s releases by how late in the day I’m finally getting around to writing about them.  I don’t even think I have it in me to come up with some clever introductory paragraph about, say, the lack of a horror film the weekend before Halloween, or wondering if Gravity is going to be #1 again.  So let’s just dive in and get this over with so I can move on to mocking Free Birds next week.

counselor_posterThere was a time when a Ridley Scott movie was an event.  Two times, actually:  after Alien and after Gladiator.  Both times he followed up with another pretty great film (Blade Runner and Black Hawk Down), and both times he then proceeded to go on a string of less-than-memorable movies (Thelma & Louise being a noteworthy break from the pattern).  He’s still in a fallow period right now, trying to shake off Prometheus, but to be honest, I don’t think The Counselor is going to break the streak.  The trailers have told us that a lot of famous people are in it and that’s pretty much it.  It’s Scott, so it’ll look good, but I’m just not seeing it.  See, even the jokes are uninspired this week.

badgrandpa_posterSpeaking of jokes, I’m going to go ahead and be the guy who admits that the whole Jackass thing is lost on me.  I don’t really care for the Three Stooges either.  Here’s my man card.  I just don’t find people making fools of themselves or others all that amusing.  Sure, Johnny Knoxville and crew are braver men than I am, but I’ll accept the ignominy of not letting animals gore me or not taking deliberate nut shots.  Bad Grandpa looks to go the Borat route, mixing a loose plot with an excuse for its star to act outrageous around unsuspecting onlookers.  And I’m sure there are some folks who’ll be tremendously entertained by all of it, and that’s fine.  I just won’t be one of them.

So yeah, some interesting movies — or some amusingly bad ones — need to come along quick so these things will be entertaining again.


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