Night of the Losing Dead

I didn’t see the first half of the Buccaneers game tonight.  I was watching RiffTrax Live take on Night of the Living Dead, something that was an intentional mix of scary and funny.  But I got home in time to see the second half, and it looks like I missed all the scoring the Bucs were going to bother with this evening.  You can tell it’s close to Halloween, because there were a bunch of fans dressed as empty seats for this one.

I keep hearing that Greg Schiano has to lose the locker room before he’ll get fired, that the team has to stop trying. But if the team is still trying and looking this bad, doesn’t that speak to the game plan being installed by the coach? Besides, it’s not the locker room ownership needs to worry about losing, it’s the fans.  There was some genuine excitement coming into this season, and it’s all but gone.  No one is foolish enough to think a coaching change now will turn the season around, but it would send a message that what we’ve got going on right now is not acceptable. And that’s important to a fan base that’s long felt these owners care more about their English football team than their American one.

And this would be the week to make the change.  A Thursday night game gives us a long week for an interim coach to get ready for the next game.  But the switch needs to be accompanied by the immediate beginning of a search for a permanent solution.  Start looking for the next guy now, before the other teams likely to make a coaching change get involved in the hunt.  Because I don’t know if we’d fare well competing with other teams for some of the prime coaching candidates.  We need the head start.

As I type this, the Bucs have just scored a  touchdown.  The crowd — such as it is — cheered, and the cannons went off.  It was almost enough to make you think it didn’t leave them down by eighteen points.  Our undead season lurches on.


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