Before and After

This was me in April of this year.  Pushing 240.  Walking maybe once or twice a week and calling it exercise.  Taking in I don’t know how many calories a day, but convincing myself it wasn’t that bad because they were “small” meals. Medication-aided blood pressure around 130/90 and foolishly thinking that was progress.  Size 40 shorts, XXL shirt that was still tight in places.  The hair and beard were deliberate choices, but beyond that, I was a train wreck.


This was me on Friday.  Knocking on 200 pounds.  Walking nearly every day, and regularly doing nine or ten miles on the weekend.  Blood pressure regularly in the normal range (albeit still with medication).  Size 38 jeans and a large shirt.  And probably having saved my life.


What can I possibly add to that?


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