Everything In Its Place

It started off simply, I promise.  It’s ended with several flat surfaces in my house covered with stacks of game cards and binders everywhere.

See, I have this Lord of the Rings card game.  They’ve put out about a dozen expansions for it, enough so that the number of cards has quickly outgrown the meager box in which the main game came.  For a while, I was content to go the Magic: The Gathering route, just keeping the cards in cardboard boxes with improvised dividers.  But as my shelf of board games has grown considerably more crowded, I didn’t relish the idea of having to get even more boxes when I eventually bought more cards.  Which is going to happen, trust me.

So I took some inspiration from the baseball card collectors and bought some pocket pages.  Well, actually, a lot of pocket pages.  Hey, they’re cheap on Amazon and I have Prime.  Problem solved, right?  Wrong.  Because although I now had the mechanism for organization, I didn’t have the method.  The cards are numbered, so that was an option.  They came out in labeled sets, so I could go that route.  There are different spheres in the game, and different card types within each sphere.  That was the one that ultimately appealed to me.  The organizational prospects were dizzying:  I could sort by sphere, then by card type, then alphabetize within each type.  You have no idea what kind of catnip that was for me.  And since the cards were going into sleeves in a set order, any new cards would mean I’d have to re-sort everything.  I was nearly salivating here.

One small problem:  I didn’t have a binder big enough to hold all these sheets.  The solution was obvious.  I’d need binders for each sphere.  Which I just happened to have.  But they were ugly white things, and I’d need a way to tell which one was which.  This is why God made Microsoft Office.  With a little helping hand from Google Image Search and Paint, I soon had cover and spine inserts to clearly label each binder.  Of course, it wasn’t quite as simple as that.  I had to decide which sets got binders, whether or not to double some sets up to save space, and which sets would require larger binders than others.

This whole process started last week.  I just finished sorting everything about twenty minutes ago.

Have I mentioned I’ve played this game maybe three times?

Welcome to my world.


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