What I’d Watch 10/4/13

With all the run-up to the 1,000 post mark, I totally neglected another anniversary:  I’ve been telling you What I’d Watch for over two years now.  What started off as a cheap way to have a guaranteed topic at least one day of the week has turned into something I actually look forward doing.  It does get difficult sometimes mustering up a paragraph for movies I have no desire to see, especially in lean times like this past August and September.  But it does keep me aware of what’s on the horizon, and it’s helped make me the go-to guy in my office for questions about what’s coming out any given week.  Glad I could be there when someone needed to know when they could see The Smurfs 2.  Now, enough looking back, there are new things up the screen to talk about.

runnerrunner_posterBen Ben Affleck Affleck stars stars and good grief that’s annoying and I was a fool to even attempt it.  Hard to resist though with a title like Runner Runner.  That seems like the only irresistible thing about this film though, because it looks like they took your standard “wide-eyed innocent falls in with dubious mentor” story and sexied it up with Affleck and Justin Timberlake and Gemma Atterton.  Far be it from me to argue Atterton’s bona fides when it comes to sexying things up, but it’s going to take more than a little eye candy to get me interested in this.  I like Affleck, but I’m afraid if he doesn’t come across well in this, it’ll result in a renewed round of fanboy hand-wringing over his casting as Batman.  And we certainly need that.  It’s possible though that curiosity over Affleck’s acting ability could put some eyes on this, but I doubt enough to make this a hit.

gravity_posterEspecially considering the literal and figurative star power it’s up against.  Gravity features George Clooney, Sandra Bullock, and outer space, and I’d be hard-pressed to tell you which one of those is the MVP, since the trailers have made all three look pretty damn spectacular.  When those trailers weren’t making me dizzy and a nervous wreck, that is.  Nearly every review of this I’ve read has said to splurge on the IMAX and the 3D, but I’m afraid it would kill me.  Gravity is still a must-see though, and not just for the cast and the setting.  Director Alfonso Cuarón is responsible for one of the two actually good Harry Potter movies (Prisoner of Azkaban) and one of the best science fiction films of this century (Children of Men), and looks to be in prime form here.  I really hope this a) is worthy of the buzz and b) does well,  because it would be great to see people flock to something intelligent and well-made for a change.

Too bad it’s not called Gravity Gravity though.


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