Fifty-Five Fruit Flies Later

I’ve started more blogs than Spinal Tap has had drummers, so I’m not quite sure what’s going to make this one all that different.  But I’ve tried to convince myself that this time I’ll keep the nose to the grindstone and actually keep it going longer than the lifespan of a fruit fly.

That was how I started off this blog back on March 5th, 2009, when it was called Some Damn Fool Idealistic Crusade, and it really seemed like one.  I had no idea where I would go or what I would do, and I’m pleased to say I’ve stuck to that principle to this day.

Nose didn’t meet grindstone all that often in the early days.  But once I re-named the blog The Daily Rich and had that built-in motivator staring at me every time I opened the page, the nose got ground down good and proper.  I didn’t always live up to the Daily part, but I was always Rich.

Yeah, four years of that, folks.

A lot has changed over those four years.  I got married, got divorced, got fatter, got thinner, got older, and maybe got wiser.  I went from no board games to entirely too many, saw all kinds of annoying neighbors come and go, got hit by a school bus, and found out one of my kidneys is a dud.  I’ve seen about 700 movies, read a lot fewer books than I would have liked, and watched more television than was probably good for me.  The one constant?  The Buccaneers have gone 24-34 since I started this blog.  Go team.

I’ve spent plenty of words documenting what a struggle it can sometimes be to write a post practically every single day, but I’ve never really talked about what I get out of all of this.  I’ve often described it as something to batten down and get through, yet I doubt I’d have pressed on for a thousand posts out of sheer stubbornness.  No, it hasn’t been some ordeal to endure, even though I wouldn’t say every single moment has been a barrel of laughs.  There were posts that I truly enjoyed writing, even ones that were difficult to finish; the enjoyment came from cracking the nut and getting down to what I wanted to say.  Some were therapeutic, a way of attempting to exorcise what was going on in my head by yanking it kicking and screaming onto the page.  Some were rants about things substantial and things inane.  And some were just me boring you with the minutiae of my continuing existence.  I’ve written some things I’m proud of, like my Spielberg series and my Pixar list.  And I’m pretty sure people are still going to be stumbling over my Argo review when they Google the Hollywood sign long after I’m dust.

What tied those posts together was that I always tried to be honest, to be thoughtful, to be entertaining, and to have some kind of point.  And in the process, provide those who read with some entertainment and me with some mental laps around my brain to keep the writing muscles in shape.  While that has yet to translate into more perseverance as far as my more creative writing endeavors go — and I sometimes wrongfully blame this blog for sapping away time from those pursuits — I have to believe that if I can push myself to a thousand posts, I can push just as hard towards a thousand words, or a thousand pages.

So I embark on the next thousand posts with a bit more certainty than when I began the first thousand.  I’m sure there’ll still be nights when the clock is nearing midnight and I’ve yet to post anything, and I’ll wrack my brain and curse this blog’s very existence.  But all I’ll have to do is look back on the thousand times I did it before and remind myself that in the end, it’s just a matter of wanting to.  Like everything else in life.

Here’s to many more fruit flies.


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