Taking Their Ball and Going Home

Remember back when people disagreed with invading Iraq?  And they got called traitors and had it pointed out to them that their duly elected representatives had approved it and they should just support their government?  Do you recall those dissenters deciding to hold that government hostage until they got their way?  And that was over something that has cost us thousands of lives and irreparable damage to our reputation.

But try to make sure people don’t die because they can’t go to the doctor, and a lot of those people who told us they knew better have decided to go for the nuclear option.  Never mind that Congress passed the Affordable Care Act. Never mind that the president who introduced it got re-elected by eight million votes. Never mind that the Supreme Court upheld it as constitutional.  These zealots have disregarded all three branches of the government acting according to the document they claim to revere so much, and that’s still not good enough.  And so here we are, with the government shut down.  Except for those who shut it down.  You better believe they’re still getting paid.

This is what we’ve come to:  the politics of petulance.  We’re seeing legislating done with all the maturity of an elementary school playground.  Instead of reasoned debate, it’s the equivalent of saying, “No!” over and over again hoping someone agrees with you just to get you to shut up.  It’s the philosophy of a child that is spoiled and thinks they can get whatever they want, and when they don’t, the only recourse is to scream at the top of their lungs until someone caves in.  And now they’ve basically decided they hate their parents and they’re running away from home.

Well let them.  As anyone who’s tried to deal with a kid throwing a tantrum will tell you, it’s foolish to engage them. Let them kick their legs and holler and cry and look like damned fools in the process.  It might earn them points with the lunatic fringe to which they sold their souls in order to get elected, but when members of their own party are criticizing their tactics, you know they’ve gone into self-destruct mode.  Why throw them a shred of legitimacy by bargaining with them?  Let them stand amid the ashes, and point out they’re holding the matches.

Of course, they probably know they have no chance of winning this showdown.  And they probably don’t care.  It’s not important that they win, only that they fight.  And that’s probably the most immature thing of all.


One thought on “Taking Their Ball and Going Home

  1. The big question to me is whether or not the members of that-caucus-which-shall-not-be-named will be duly punished on election day in 2014 or if this is going to quickly fade from collective memory.

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