The Void

There are times I curse this empty white box.  Some days I have to remind myself that people have attention spans and might not want to exhaust it on whatever I’m rambling on about.  But then there are days like today when I stare and stare and stare and still can’t find anything to say.  I’ve got some thoughts on the Breaking Bad finale, have had some ups and downs on the weight loss, won at trivia, but nothing that feels like a blog post.  Not a substantial one, anyway.

I see plenty of bloggers who are content to do multiple posts a day, most no more than a sentence or two, and I suppose I could go that route.  But that feels like a bit of a cheat.  If you’re going to do that, post it to Twitter or Facebook.  You’ve got all this verbal real estate, do something with it!  Don’t just post a picture and caption it, don’t tell us what you’re having for lunch, don’t explain why you’re not posting that day.  Then I realize how often I struggle to get anything on here and I wonder if I should cut them some slack.  Or emulate them.

But I didn’t start this to act as Twitter without the character limit.  While I won’t fool myself by thinking every post so far has been some deathless piece of prose, I do like to think I’ve given each one the best effort I had in me at the time.  It’s just that some days’ bests are better than others.  The idea though is to keep plugging away.  Not purely quantity over quality, but in a pinch, quantity doesn’t suck.

Still, it gets frustrating sometimes getting home after a long day and remembering I still need to write something. And seeing that blank white void daring me to put words into it,


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