Dawn of a New Error

Due to another commitment, I only saw the first half of the Bucs game against Arizona today.  Which worked out just fine, since that appears to be the only half they actually played today.  Their collapse came to me courtesy of a steadily updating game feed on my friend’s tablet,  Each miscue popped up as an innocuous text bubble, at once better for not having to see it happen and at the same time worse for the stark factuality of it.

People will say there wasn’t much difference between Mike Glennon’s performance and what Josh Freeman could have done.  But that’s sort of the point.  A rookie starting his first game in the NFL gave us what we’d come to expect from a five-year veteran.  What we have to hope is that Freeman’s ceiling is Glennon’s floor, and that this isn’t as good as it’s going to get.  I missed the interceptions, but from what I saw in the first half, Glennon looked confident, and had much more zip on the ball that Freeman ever did.  We didn’t see open receivers having the ball soar unreachably over their heads, or skipped on the ground to them.  So I’m willing to write off the second half to a rookie being a rookie.

Trouble is, Glennon may not be around to develop.  Greg Schiano is 0-4 on the season, and 1-9 in his last ten games.  That doesn’t speak favorably to him being around next season, especially when the same problems that existed under Freeman persist under Glennon.  That speaks to coaching problems.  And given that a lot of fans at the game seemed to have come dressed as empty seats, I can’t help but think ownership is wondering if they can afford to bring Schiano back if this is what he’s going to offer the paying customers.  And if a new coach comes in, I can’t see them hitching their wagon to Schiano’s chose quarterback.  We could be starting all over again next year.

Hell, we might be starting over again this year.  They’ll use the upcoming bye week to regroup and coach up Glennon, but I just don’t see many winnable games after that.  Maybe the Panthers in Week 8?  Maybe the Rams in December?  But I do see Schiano getting yanked before the season ends if this losing streak keeps up.  And the future might start before we’ve even put this season behind us.  Being a Bucs fan for as long as I have, it’s something I’ve unfortunately gotten used to.


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