Inching Towards Millennium

I noticed when I published yesterday’s post that it was #991.  I knew I was getting close to a thousand, but didn’t think I was that close.  Nine posts away.  Well, eight, after this one.  So I’d like to take this opportunity to announce my eight-part series, “One-Word Reactions to Things That Happened Today.”

Okay, no, that’d be cheap.  Like the people who are nearing a posting milestone on a message board and split up a normal post into five or six to reach that magical number.  Although that seems like a shallow milestone to mark.  “Hey, I anonymously posted a thousand times about My Little Pony!”  Then again, I’m on a message board I’ve been a member of since 2000 where I have almost 40,000 posts.  But I’m not gonna wave some flag when I hit that number.  Well, okay, I might.  That’s a big number.  A scary big number.  Maybe I need to re-think some things.

Anyway, a thousand blog posts feels like a different achievement.  A lot of those message board posts are silly pictures or one-word posts of agreement or snarky replies to someone else.  When you’re bouncing around a conversation, it’s easy to rack up the post count.  Here though, I’m just talking to myself.  Wait, that sounds even worse than 40,000 message board posts.  What I meant was that it’s all me doing the lifting here.  And I’m trying to do something a bit more substantive every day.  So getting close to a thousand feels like an accomplishment.  I’ve missed a few days here and there, but for the most part, I’ve blogged every day for the better part of two years now.  And while I’ll save my thoughts on the experience for that actual one-thousandth post, I will say I’ve enjoyed every inspiring, frustrating minute of it.

Now about these ponies…


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