Bifocal Point

After managing not to stumble around into things wearing two different contact lens prescriptions, I got the call this morning that my glasses were ready.  I’d heard all kinds of horror stories about bifocals, of people falling down stairs and of straining their necks to look through the right part of the lenses.  I knew I was getting the kind without the line between the two surfaces, so at least I didn’t have that to worry about.  But given all the warnings I’d received, I half-expected my eyes to immediately seize shut as soon as I put them on.

Still, I was anxious to try them out.  To be honest, the contacts weren’t really doing it for me.  Far away was fine.  Up close was fine.  But neither was a sharp as I would have liked, and the middle distance seemed a little blurry.  It felt like what it was:  a compromise.  Plus I really liked the frames I’d picked out, going back to smaller, rounder lenses after wearing blocky ones for a while.  If I was going to fall down the stairs, at least I’d look fashionable doing it.  So I picked up the glasses, got home, took out my contacts, got ready to put the glasses on, and took a breath.  Old man glasses coming right up.

And really?  None of the doom and gloom I’d been warned about.  No weird fuzzy zone in the middle.  No problem switching from distance to close.  Not the slightest hint of falling down.  It was almost disappointing.  Yes, I could see the difference if I looked far away through the wrong part of the lens, but I wasn’t likely to keep doing that, especially since it involved me tilting my head back and looking down.  Not normal procedure.  The biggest adjustment has been the size of the glasses themselves, since they’re not as big as I’m used to.  But all in all, my transition to bifocals has been pretty smooth.  I may have this getting old thing down pat.


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