No Worries

Apparently the solution to my problems is to blog about them.  Bemoan the fact that I only lost one pound last week? This morning, as part of my weekly Saturday routine, I weighed myself and had lost two pounds again.  Fret that my creative muse had fled?  Got one story finished and have ideas for two more.

Maybe “bemoan” and “fret” are a little strong.  It wasn’t like I was losing sleep over either situation.  Well, perhaps the reading/writing thing a bit.  But they were both things I felt pretty confident would work themselves out.  Taking to the blog to give voice to those concerns was more a way to purge them out of my thoughts than a cry for help.

Besides, it always seems like whenever I finally get around to complaining about something, it ends up working out in my favor.  Like the psychic energy of my griping flows out into the universe and nudges things in the proper direction.  So I’m going to start complaining a lot about my personal life and my fantasy football team.

But it feels good to be back on track with my weight and my writing.  Not that complacency is called for.  But maybe fewer blog posts about them.



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