What I’d Watch 8/23/13

The kiddies are making their way back to school, so if the summer wasn’t all but over already, it certainly is now. But like a shark, the summer movie season dies from the tail forward.  And the head is still snapping away with a couple of last gasps trying to wring a few more dollars before we get down to the serious business of trying to win Oscars.

yourenext_posterYou’re Next hasn’t just waited until the end of the summer to see the light of day; it’s waited two years.  It premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2011 and screened later that year at Fantastic Fest, but here we are in 2013 and this is finally rolling out to the rest of us.  Not exactly what I’d call next.  But hey, The Conjuring is starting to wind down, so it’s about time for another low budget horror film to come along and shock everybody.  So maybe it is next after all.  All the masks in the trailers made me wonder if somebody was just re-releasing The Strangers and hoping we wouldn’t notice, but that movie had sack masks and this one has animal masks, so it’s completely different.

mortalinstruments_posterThe new Percy Jackson movie didn’t set the world on fire — which makes sense, since it was mostly about water — but don’t worry, there are plenty more young adult fiction series where Percy came from.  Next up is The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, which takes the unusual path of being about a young person who discovers they’re actually part of a much larger, much more magical world than they’ve been lead to believe.  Well that should be a refreshing direction for the genre.  It’s getting to the point where a kid in one of these movies being surprised that magic exists is like people in a zombie movie never having heard of zombies before.  The idea has seeped so deeply into the pop culture, the reaction should just be, “Yeah, figures.”  Which might very well be the reaction to this movie.

bluejasmine_posterThe only reason Blue Jasmine isn’t higher on this list is because I’m not sure I’m even going to be able to see it.  It’s getting one of the widest releases ever for a Woody Allen movie, but that doesn’t mean it’ll show up in my little island in the midst of the South and time soon.  While I like Woody Allen, I’m really excited about this because it’s got Louis CK in a supporting role.  His show on FX is genius, and seeing him live last year only increased my admiration for the guy.  He deserves to be even bigger, and maybe the luster of a Woody Allen movie can launch him towards that.

worldsend_posterSo summer’s end comes down to The World’s End.  Edgar Wright sometimes makes me feel like I’m a bad geek.  I love Shaun of the Dead — until the last third, where I think it loses a little steam. Conversely, Hot Fuzz is sort of there for me until that totally gonzo final hour or so.  And Scott Pilgrim vs. the World got nothing more than a shrug out of me.  Which means I wasn’t one of those rushing out for the triple feature last night where Shaun and Fuzz screened leading up to World’s End.  Not that I’m not going to see it.  I just have some tempered expectations, especially since the story seems a little too close to Shaun from what they’ve teased of it.  But while I’m not man-crushing on him, I have to give Wright credit for making interesting, different films, and that deserves some of my change this weekend.


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