Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Snikt

I realized today that I’d lost some friends.  It was my own fault.  I’d taken them a bit for granted.  I didn’t even notice they were gone until I drove home from trivia tonight.

The Wolverine posters are gone from all the bus stops.

I knew it couldn’t last.  I knew those brush strokes had but a fleeting time upon this earth.  Their purpose served, it was time for them to return from whence they came, never to be seen again.

But they’d become my reliable morning friends, standing guard every hundred feet or so along the sidewalk.  They’d greet me as I headed out, and bid me farewell as I returned home.  Always there, always waiting, always watching.

And now they are no more, replaced by inane messages in blocky letters.  The Silver Samurai no longer draws his sword.  Yukio no longer stands at the ready.  Wolverine no longer crosses his claws.  They are but memories of misty mornings.

So farewell, my abstract companions.  May you find the peace your carefully marketed action poses so long denied you.  Those you leave behind will go on as best they can, wishing you were still here.

And that your movie had been just a little bit better.


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