A Long Way Down

When you’re hanging on, you can lose your grip or you can choose to fall.  Either way, there’s a long drop ahead of you.  The question is, do you want it to come at a time of your choosing, or when you’re too tired to do anything else?  And every time, I don’t know how I’ll answer until I’m out there on the ledge.

The fall never kills you.  It just feels like it might.  Because you never know how long it’ll be, or how hard you’ll hit the bottom.  Until you let go.  Which is the scariest part of the whole damn thing.  The rest, that’s just gravity.  Nothing you can do about it.  But the start of it, that’s all on you.  And it can make cowards of us all.

You can either cling to the familiar ledge, or drop and see what comes of it.  But stay on that ledge, and you’ll never see more than a few inches off the ground.  Let go, and you might soar.  Never know until you try,

It’s just such a long way down….

Oh well.  Time for the fall I know I can handle:  asleep.


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