While I Pondered, Weak and Weary…

… after eight hours at work and three and a half hours at a game night, I, well, sort of forgot to do a blog post last night.

Okay, no sort of about it, there ain’t nothing there dated 7/30/13.  Just whoosh, evaporated right out of my head.  Got home, sat in front of the computer, stared at it with all good intentions and some little nagging voice telling me there was something I was supposed to be doing.  Then I woke up with my chin against my chest and decided being horizontal would be a good idea.  All the while my blog sat there expectantly, like a well-loved dog waiting by the door for a master who just plain forgot to come home that night.  And now I’m picturing a sad dog and I feel even more terrible.

I’ve gotten into the habit — good or bad, not sure yet — of taking Sundays off from blogging, unless something truly worthwhile pops up.  And I don’t feel too bad about that.  Hell, Doonesbury‘s been running repeats for over three weeks now.  I could just re-post old blog posts for a week and be in good company.  But I’d wanted to write something yesterday, even if I wasn’t sure what.  And then away that went, lost in the post-game fog after fumbling my way through a game of Trajan continually trying to figure out if those pieces were red or brown.  There’s a special hell for game designers who use those colors.

Anyway, apologies to those who were expecting something yesterday, but look on the bright side:  it gave me something to write about today, so Wednesday wasn’t a loss as well.


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