But Wait, There’s More

I knew this diet and exercise thing wasn’t going to be the be-all end-all as far as my health went, but I was at least feeling kind of good about the routine and the progress.  So much so that the parts of my biannual visit to my nephrologist that I usually dread — getting on the scale and having my blood pressure checked — I was actually looking forward to.  I wanted to show them the slightly lighter, slightly healthier me.

But I made the mistake of having a Coke shortly before I left for the doctor.  Which got me all worked up about my blood pressure being higher due to the caffeine.  And sure enough, whether due to the caffeine or my anxiety over it, I was a little high.  Nowhere near my epic readings of a few years ago, but higher than the normal readings I’d been pulling of late.  Scratch one opportunity to impress my medical experts.  They loved the weight loss though, so I felt pretty good about having some good news as I waited for the actual doctor to come in, certain he’d be pleased with my numbers.

Instead, he informed me that my kidney function had slightly worsened.  Not enough to cause concern, just enough to completely kill the buzz I’d been building up to that point.  We’re talking a rating of 1.4 where 1.2 is the high end of normal.  No reason to panic, except I was really hoping for a wholly positive visit.  He was pleased with the weight loss, sure, but he kept going back to that kidney number, which made sense, him being a nephrologist and all.

I suppose it was a good thing though.  I need to keep in mind that all the calorie counting and walk tracking isn’t going to do it all by themselves.  I haven’t waved some magic wand of health and suddenly made myself fit.  There’s a long road ahead, and things aren’t always going to progress in such visible ways.  The trick is to keep going, good results or bad.  Then maybe I can get a little love from the medical community.


2 thoughts on “But Wait, There’s More

  1. They want you to keep coming back and by denying you your just desserts keep you from accepting just desserts.

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