What I’d Watch 6/28/13

You’d be forgiven for having a slight sense of déjà vu this weekend.  We’ve got another riff on Die Hard in the White House, and another riff on Melissa McCarthy Annoys Her Straight Man, both coming mere months after their previous iterations. Their predecessors were modest hits, but summer releases inevitably have more eyeballs on them, so in all likelihood, the newer versions will surpass them.  I’m not likely to ever find out which McCarthy vehicle is the better of the two — there are some things I’m simply not prepared to do for this blog — but I’m sure I’ll find out who did more collateral damage to Washington D.C.

bullockmccarthy_posterThe Heat is actually a little more significant than I give it credit for, since it’s essentially a buddy cop film starring two women.  Make it a straight-up action film and I’d really be impressed, but it would also probably not appeal to the male dominated demographic that goes to straight-up action films.  So an action comedy is as good as we get.  Sandra Bullock has been pretty invisible since winning her Oscar for The Blind Side; since then, she’s had a supporting role in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and that’s been it.  Co-starring with McCarthy will definitely get her back in the public eye in a big way.  Not that anybody will be going to this for any reason but McCarthy.

whitehousedown_posterRoland Emmerich has basically become the new Irwin Allen.  You go to one of his movies, stuff is going to get destroyed, usually taking some stars along with it.  Maybe not quite the big names Allen used to be able to rustle up, but Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx are nothing to sneeze at.  I unabashedly enjoyed Gerard Butler saving President Aaron Eckhart in Olympus Has Fallen, so I might be just a tiny bit biased against White House Down.  But if anything, the newer film seems like it’s upping the ante, while at the same time not taking itself quite as seriously as Olympus.  I doubt there’ll be anywhere near as many head shots though; it’s impossible to have as many head shots as Olympus Has Fallen.  Unless you’re making a documentary about the head shots in Olympus Has Fallen.


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