We the Meeple

While most of you will be outside basking in the summer sun this Fourth of July, I’ll be inside basking in the artificial fluorescent light.  Since Thursday is one of our regular game nights at Sci-Fi City and they’re open that day, they’ve decided to run games pretty much all day  So my red, white and blue will be the pieces on the board, and my fireworks will be the result of dice rolls and card flips.

Laugh all you want, but the way I see it, anything remotely Fourth of July-ish is going to be an elbow-to-elbow madhouse that will likely be hotter than hell until it gets thunderstormed on.  I love America, but I don’t necessarily want to spend time with a lot of Americans.  My plan is to do something I like with people I like in a place I like.  We might grill, and who knows?  We may even set stuff on fire.  No, not from the grilling, and probably not an actual fire, but sparklers in the parking lot are definitely a possibility.

The way I see it, we declared independence 237 years ago so we could do what we want.  And what I want is to move little wooden pieces and cardboard tokens around little boards.  That’s my right.  It’s there in between bearing arms and trial by jury.  But you have to have the errata for the revised edition.

Besides, I’ll have three more days that weekend to get outside and be around the great un-gamed masses.  I’ll probably try to catch up on my movie-watching too.  Sure, I’ll still be inside, but around much larger groups of people.  That’s downright social.


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