They Pull Me Back In

I was out.  It crossed my mind every once in a while, but I let the thought go, happy to do without it.  Life went on.

Then a friend had to let me know Blizzard had the latest World of Warcraft expansion on sale for twenty bucks.   And I really wanted to be a panda.

See, it all started when Blizzard pulled an April Fool’s Joke, teasing “Pandaren” as a new race for the upcoming Warcraft III.  Thing is, instead of laughing, plenty of fans said, “Yes, I want to play a panda please.” And so began a long, slow tease where Blizzard would dance around the question of whether Pandaren were coming.  Rumors that they were going to be a new playable race in World of Warcraft popped up every time an expansion was announced.  They actually turned up in the Warcraft III expansion.  But always the fondest hopes of WoW players were dashed.  Until 2012, when that long-awaited day came, and players could finally trundle around Azeroth as jolly black-and-white engines of destruction.

The idea intrigued me, but I didn’t feel like paying forty bucks for Mists of Pandaria, especially when I’d gotten kind of tired of the previous expansion not long after I started playing it.  But it hung there in the back of my head, and I’d spare a glance at it every time I walked by it at Best Buy, seeing if maybe the price had come down.  Until yesterday, when a friend messaged me on Facebook that not only could I get the expansion for cheap, but I’d be helping her out by earning her a new mount if I re-subscribed.  Well, I didn’t want to leave a friend hanging.  So there I was once again giving Blizzard my credit card info, once again logging in, seeing all the characters I’d abandoned so long ago, still waiting there patiently for me.

All of whom I ignored so I could make a kung-fu panda.  If I’m getting sucked back in, I’m diving in with both feet.


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