Whittling Away

Well, for all my complaining about the various ways in which my food is conspiring to kill me, and how little of it I can have now that I’m counting calories, I have the slightest bit of something to show for it.  In the seven days since I’ve started this, I’ve lost four pounds.

That’s not all that much compared to what I need to drop, and I know it gets harder the further along you get, but I’ll take it.  And that’s been mostly from just watching the food I eat; my exercise hasn’t been quite where I’d like it to be thanks to my back acting up.  I figure if I can ramp that up, things will improve.

It’s funny though how little victories can add up.  Like tonight, I’d budgeted myself one slice of pizza at game night. Turns out we had extra, and when I checked my count for the day, I had enough calories left for another slice.  There was a time when me eating only two slices of pizza would lead people to ask me if I was feeling okay.  Tonight, having room for that second slice was like winning the Oscar.

My current bane right now is fruit.  Supposed to be good for you, right?  Yeah, except for all the damn sugar in it.  I had some blueberries with breakfast and a banana as a snack and I was damn near over my daily sugar intake just from that alone.  I’m still way down from what I used to be taking in, what with trips to the snack machine and Pop-Tarts for breakfast, so I’m not beating myself up too badly about it, but it’s definitely been eye-opening.

So now I’m reading all the nutritional info on the side of boxes at the grocery store.  I bought a little kitchen scale to measure portions.  I got a six-pack of Bud Select 55.  I mean, I’m trying, but I’m only human.


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