Obligatory Daily Post

This is a test of the obligatory posting system.  Had this been an actual post, it would have appeared  much earlier in the day.

This post contains content designed to fulfill the daily allotted blogging requirement as mandated by The Daily Rich. All words have been selected in order to comply with guidelines set forth by the Treaty for Organized Treatment of All Legal Blog Standards (TOTALBS).  This content is purely for space-filling purposes and should not be confused with the actual views and opinions of the owning blogger.

Furthermore, no attempt should be made to use this post as a representative sample of the overall quality of said blog, or as an indication of the ability and talent of said blogger.  This post exists purely to exist as a post.

Any comments, questions or concerns regarding this mandated post may be directed to the blogger via the comments section for summary dismissal. Continued efforts to question the validity of this post will be met with more posts about bar trivia and board games.

This has been a test of the obligatory posting system.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled browsing.


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