For Want of a Nail

What’s the difference between finishing first and finishing seventh in a trivia contest?  It’s knowing how to spell “manuscript” and not getting yourself turned around on the capital of Colorado.

Granted, we weren’t simply asked to spell “manuscript.”  I could have done that in my sleep.  No, we were given a bunch of scrambled letters and a vague clue and asked to figure out what word it was.  Which I failed at mightily.  If I could have seen “script” in there somewhere, I would have been okay.  But I saw every combination but that.  I had time to piece it together, but it ran out, and I had to leave it unanswered.  Which was the difference between six points and twelve points.

The Colorado thing though, that was all me.  I psyched myself out.  The question was what state capital did the TV show Dynasty take place in.  Somewhere in my head was the knowledge that it was set in Colorado.  I really think I should have gotten credit simply for knowing that, but no such luck.  And for some reason, despite knowing the capital of Colorado is Denver, I talked myself into believing it was Boulder.  I thought, “Oh, Colorado has one of those not obvious capitals,  like Tallahassee or Albany.  The answer is Boulder.”  Yeah, good going, dumbass.

I get those two questions right, I’m writing this with $350 in my pocket instead of a seventh place finish.  Not that those were the only missteps along the way.  I forgot there was an eagle on the dollar bill.  I forgot the name of the second roommate to replace Chrissy on Three’s Company (that one hurt).  I was off by one on the three holes that make up Amen Corner at Augusta.  But  “manuscript” and Denver were the gimmes, the ones I should have had. And they cost me dearly.

Still, seventh place playing all by myself isn’t too shabby.  Although I did manage a second place finish in the last championship game a few months ago.  I can’t win them all though.  Or place, even.  And there was some great conversation with a couple of other players afterward, to the point where three hours flew by without realizing it.  So the afternoon wasn’t a total loss.

Except for that $350, of course.


One thought on “For Want of a Nail

  1. Richard, you should go on line and register for Who wants to be a millionaire. Just do it!! Stay with Jen and try to get on the show. I bet you would go far. Time to take this thing big time!!!

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